Weak nails break and split, you often snag your stocking and get annoyed

Germs and even fungi can lodge easily under broken and split nails which are in poor condition

Your nails don't tolerate any chemicals and are allergic to acetone for example.

Your nails look unhealthy and unattractive

but you still want to have healthy, protected and shiny nails without using chemicals and without using files!

The Solution:

Place the buffing powder on the leather buffing polisher. Buff your nails, which must be clean and grease free, when buffing the nails, apply slight pressure, you will notice that your nails immediately obtain brilliant gloss.

The Active power of the powder particles is immediate, your nails will instantly become protected and shiny".

Make sure to polish the nail tip as well because this will strengthen it.

Remember, buffing the nails is like a nail massage, it promotes circulation and stimulate the growth of the nails.

your nails will remain shiny even if you use corrosive products such as washing up liquid, petrol and acetone.

When you buff your nails with Tana products, your colour nail varnish becomes shinier and harder. After you remove the nail varnish, your nails will remain shiny.


Put buffing powder on the leather buffing polisher


Polish your nails


Your nails are instantly shiny!

If your nails are ridged, dented, split or Yellow, we recommend that before buffing your nails you should use our Quicky to clean and smooth the surface of the nail.

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