The problem:

Your hair is getting thinner and thinner and your scalp shimmers through or when after 2-3 weeks the roots of your colored hair start to grow back.

The solution:

Tana Hair Wonder for her or him in 10 seconds! Sprinkle instant hair.


1. Choose a color. Should you have a different color desire than the proposed

    color range, simply mix the colors.

2. Apply by sprinkling Tana Hair Wonder over the thinning area, ensuring that

    your hair is dry.

3. Stroke the area of application lightly taking note to brush or comb your hair.


4. Then fix with hairspray of your choice.


Advantages of use: You can wash Tana Hair Wonder off with any shampoo.

Tana Hair Wonder soes not dye or tint skin or hair and if you sprinkle it  on your clothes, you can brush it of easily.


This product is not for children's use. Keep use away from eyes. Use water to wash our eyes if this product comes in contact.

Do not inhale the product.  For external use only.

Available in six colors:

                 Grey  02                    Red brown 04             Aubergine 09

Black 01                    Dark brown 03             Blond  06


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